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2023 proceeds from Treehouse Gardens Art will be donated to the Triangle Land Conservancy.


 Catherine Kramer was an art major at the University of Minnesota, before deciding to pursue a career in science.  She continued to experiment with paint and collage and started working with gourds as a substrate for many different media and techniques in 2009.  Catherine is a member of the Durham Artist Guild, the Orange County Artist Guild, Alamance Artisans and the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.


Inspired by both traditional and modern gourd arts from the Asia-Pacific, Americas and Africa, treehouse garden gourds incorporate a variety of natural materials in their design.

Landscape painting with watercolors is a  reflection of a deep appreciation of our climate and environment - celebrating especially the beauty of North Carolina.  Filled with light, shadow, sky, water, and plants, these paintings evoke a sense of calm and peace.  Catherine has been inspired by talented teachers and fellow students.

treehouse gardens is located in rural orange county North Carolina.  Most of the gourds are grown there.





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